Friday, April 16, 2010

SCREW Byou's facts

our cool vocalist!
lets start bout his facts then!!
creadits to :NejisGirlfriend1

Byou's facts:

-real name: Masahito Kojima
-D.O.B: 9 Feb 1981 (currently 29 ^^)
-P.O.B: Tokyo
-blood type: B (same as me too ^^)
-Before joining SCREW, he is in JOKER and his name is Toge
-Height and Weight: 172cm, 52kg *T.T even me myself is more heavier than him >.<*
-Favorite colour: PURPLE! white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, silver and gold
-He loves to eat curry, ramen, pasta, meat and sweets but he hates ALL the vegetables in the world! *Mr.Carnivor*
-He loves letters, things that he can save and cigarates.. *bad for lungs boy~*
-An action that a girl did will make him happy: show him her underwear *perv Byou!*
-He will name his future child Murami
-If he has 2 wishes, he will wish for meeting 'this person' and he wants to miss someone.. *I think that he wanna fall in love ryte now XD*
-The worst nightmare: He ate two phones in a middle of the train (LOL)
-He studies language during day off ^^
-Same as Kazuki, his favorite artist is SCREW
-The 1st live that he attended is L'arc~en~ciel's!!!
-An error that occur during live: hiccup
-Bad perv Byou watch adult movies to release stress >///<

his words to all members:
Until Im at the point of death, please be cool with me

to be continued ^^

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  1. Lol on his nightmare :D
    love you byou-san <3