Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Facts of The Gazette

^^ ima addicted of finding fun facts of The Gazette.. so yesterday went 'lepak-ing' again with s.ching.. XDD
and we indeed found some really interesting facts of them.. but i wonder it is true XD

ok.. here is some which i can remember XD

-Kai, Uruha and Ruki quit smoking! (scream for joy!)
-Reita DID quit smoking but he get back after a year (LOL)
-Kai loves to cook and he did cook well too.. but Reita hates it (he claims that Kai's cooking is too sweet)
-Ruki composed the song 'Reila' to his ex-girlfriend which had commited suicide
-Uruha english is totally lousy (speechless......)
-Aoi smokes. (bad for lungs my boy~)
-Uruha is a big drinker XD (once he get drunk and sang 'Linda Linda' and i LOL sooo much listen to the audio track)
-Kai wants an arguement with Gackt (he wants to be loser then XDD)
-Aoi is married before but he had divourced (because he is gonna marry me!!)
-Reita is a LAZY bassist (LOL.. kawaiii~)
-Ruki drew some pic of his group members.. but i think he REALLY love those bloody arts (our cute and insane Ruki-chan ^^)
-Ruki wishes that he can grow 3 more inches higher since that he is the shortest member in Gazette.. (no Ruki. you look perfect)
-Kai think sthat sometimes he looks like a monkey XDDD (an adorable monkey!!)
-If Reita sees women's lips, he doesn't find her attractive. but if there's a cherry between woman's lips he finds her attractive (>////< im gonna put one then)
-Ruki had once disown by one of his parent (his dad i think) but now they made up ^^ (he mentioned this in Hey! Hey! Hey!)
-Aoi loves ALL the food that are made of love (i made one!!!)
-Aoi always gargle his mouth after live (and i wonder why he does that XD)
-Kai is really forgetful.. he left his cellphone in a taxi last time (thats why all his fans has his number XDDD just joking. thats not true)

there are plenty more but i lazy to type XD
im a lazy fan (LOL im same with Reita!!!)

love them more and more ^^ Gazerock is not dead!!

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